About Us

The Canvas of An Artist

Started in July 2020, MyBumbo is a catalyst for self-expression. It has got a personality, and hence you can talk to it.
Anyone who claims that being sluggish cannot get you high is probably a dork.

This art is the result of boredom; it is the result of mental inspiration; it is the
result of spontaneity; and, finally, it is intended to make you appear unfiltered in public. We tell
you stories not for you to believe them, but to create your own. It’s your Bumbo—MyBumbo!
And hence, you can create a story for us. How do you ask? by wearing our art and indulging in
your passion.

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The Artist Behind My Bumbo Khush Naheta

MyBumbo's founder, Khush Naheta, is a teen entrepreneur who discovered his zeal for art
during the COVID lockdown. He is a self-taught doodle artist who combined two of his
passions—art and fashion—into an entrepreneurial venture called "MyBumbo." MyBumbo is an
imprinted reflection of Khush's personality, radiating a youthful, witty, and candid vibe through Art.
When asked to describe his artwork in two words, Khush's immediate response was "bold and
spontaneous." He goes on to say that the vibrant colors, moods, and characters in his artwork
speak to many teenagers like him who are passionate about different things, such as himself
being an avid gamer, football fan, drummer, and rap music player.